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Sponsorship Information
Sponsoring Safe Haven as an Individual:
Have you ever considered sponsoring one of the pets at Safe Haven?  If you cannot adopt, but still want to help needy pets, you should consider sponsoring a pet at Safe Haven. You can sponsor a dog or cat of your choice. Several people may sponsor the same animal. Sponsorship is important for many reasons. Not only will your money be helping with the costs of food and medical care, you will also be actively helping animals in need. You may sponsor with a one time payment or through recurring payments.
Anyone who sponsors $10 or more per month will be listed on this page, below the picture of their sponsored animal.  

To sponsor a pet on-line just click the Paypal Button.  Put the pet you're sponsoring in the item box, and put in a dollar amount to sponsor.

To Sponsor a pet through the mail, just fill out and mail the Sponsorship Form, along with a check to Safe Haven at
P.O. Box 444
Williamsburg, IA 52361